How CM helps clients?

Social Media Management

Define Audience

Whom does the brand talk to? It’s important to have right quality of fans or followers rather than having large number of them. This ensures good engagement rate for the content shared on social media platforms. It’s better to have 50,000 quality fans / followers for your social media handle who cares for things that you share rather than having a million of them who don’t really connect with your brand. Hence it’s critical to acquire fans who are right.

So before jumpstarting with a social media plan, identify and define your audience for each platform.

Content Strategy

Each social media platform can have different content strategies. A travel company may be looking for strategic or business partners on LinkedIn but potential tourists on Facebook. A strong content strategy is essential to be in place before creating content for each platforms. The tone of message, formats, time, periodicity etc. are defined in this stage. Content strategy is framed only after identifying the audience.

Based on the content strategy, a comprehensive content calendar is created as a directive for your monthly social media content.

Content Creation

We create content that are consistent to the content strategy. Content can be of different formats. It can be simple images, GIFs, videos (animated or films), blog posts, infographics or even interactive landing pages. It varies with business objectives of brand at a point in time.

Audience Management

The audience who engage with content needs attention. The protocols on what to comment, when to comment, and most importantly what not to comment are all identified. Each social media platform can have different purpose and mode of engaging with audience.

Measure and Improve

Change is inevitable. It’s critical that important metrics are looked upon and the content strategies are optimized for best results. We share monthly reports with suggestions and recommendations to improve overall performance on each platform.

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