Update Google Sheets with your Twitter account’s follower count in real-time

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Like most of the G-suite apps, Google sheets does have capabilities that ensure productivity to organisations. That include sharing, enabling people to work simultaneously and many other features that revolve around productivity.

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In this article we deal with another feature that makes Google sheets outstanding and interesting. It can talk to other services and update values in the cells accordingly.

When I say “talk”, it essentially means communicate. This happens with the help of Google scripts and APIs offered by third parties, Twitter for instance. Simple lines of code that extend its capabilities.

I have created a Google sheet that has Twitter handles in one column and number of followers in another. The values get updated every minute. A bar chart to make inference easily. That’s it and it makes my life easy!

This is a public link where you can find my sheet : https://goo.gl/tUYnvP

This feature is just an example of what you can do with Google sheets. I will be enhancing the features in future and eventually we can get more insights on brands.


If you are in digital marketing space, it can be helpful in number of ways.

  1. Share the sheet with your client so that they can have a look at where their competitors stand at this minute. (Reporting)
  2. You can show where your client stood 6 months back and where have they reached now. (Reporting)
  3. Easily make pitch slides using updated data. You don’t have to go and find number of followers of every other account every time. (Research)


Send a mail to hello@curiomarketing.in. We will be more than happy to set it up for you.

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